I start giving myself injections tonight – follicle stimulating hormone.

Have had a lot of time to think (and worry) about this decision. I really, really, really want to have this baby but I am terrified of everything.

What if I don’t get pregnant? What if I do? Will I be able to look after this baby? Can I afford it? Will everything be ok?

I will have to do these injections for about 10 days – hopefuly I will make nice juicy eggs – BUT not too many. Any more than 3 ‘ripe’ ones and Dr H will call the whole thing off. He says the chance of twins is high doing this treatment but we won’t know how I am reacting to the hormones until I start the blood tests next week. Will be having them done every 2nd day for 8 days – then an ultrasound – and then……. insemination. 

The chances of success are slim, I can only hope.