The injections really haven’t been so bad. Much better than I thought. I had the first of a series of blood tests yesterday and that was OK too – next one tomorrow.  Will be in touch with Dr H today to find out what my hormones are doing.  I am feeling well – not too crazy, or weepy.

I do find myself totally obsessed though. I think about this baby constantly. I really can’t wait to meet my maybe-baby.

My Mum has been an amazing support through this decision.  She is just so excited about being a grandmother.  I do feel a bit of pressure to ‘perform’ now.  I just don’t want to see her disappointed.

Given that the odds of success aren’t high, I tell myself that it probably won’t happen, and that I shouldn’t be too upset.  A friend said last night that even though the chances aren’t great, that people don’t go through treatment to have a child unless they really believe that they will get pregnant – hence the disappoint I guess.

I remain hopefull.  The big day will be next week – I am terrified. Of everything.