Well…… I have had an absolute shit of a day.  Finally got on to Dr H, who wasn’t sure why I was calling (IVF nurse had told me to!!!).

Yes. He did have my blood results.

Him: “NO. You don’t seem to be responding, increase your dose”

Me: “So what is my oestrogen level?”

Him: “75, I would like it to be higher”

Me: “Oh, really. What should it be?”

Him: “I’d like to see it at about 1000”


Me: “What is wrong with me? Is there something wrong with me? Why? What? Huh?”

Him: “It’s just your age”

End of phone call. Many tears…..

I have old, wrinkled ovaries, maybe they can’t make eggs. I feel gutted.  I am having fertility treatment because I don’t have a man. I had never considered – not in my heart – that there really might be a problem.

Dr H told me at my first appointment that IVF was an option if there were difficulties…..

Will increase the dose of Puregon tonight, next blood test on Thursday. Hopefully I’m just a late bloomer.