I have been sick from work today. Have had a killer headache for the last 2 days. Think it must have been a cycle-related thing as it disappeared today with the arrival of AF – I was glad to see the start of this period as it is the start of the IVF process for me. Have been cruising through a lot of blogs and reading about the IVF journey of other women/couples. There are not many single women stories…

So many sad stories, happy endings, multiple births, never-ending journeys – I really don’t know if it good for me to read so many – I feel for these people, I start to worry about things that haven’t happened. I am a lurker on many blogs – I rarely comment, do others do that? I guess people put it out there because they want to share it, I started this blog to document the journey, maybe it might be interesting to someone.

I called Nurse Judy today and we discussed what is going to happen over the next 6 weeks. She will be in my town from 29 Jan and is running an information session for “first-cyclers”. I asked the clinic recptionist if I could bring someone along, and she said that partners were welcome – Hello!! No Partner, anyhoo…. – she said I can bring anyone I like – I will take Mum along. Gave Mum all of the literature that the clinic had sent so she is totally up on the “ins-and-outs” (so to speak) of the IVF process that I will be doing.

Judy will be sending me a copy of my plan and all of the contracts and consent forms in the next week or so. I will have an appointment with her Jan 30 to pick up my medications (and make the payment – owch!). Will double check that I still have the same donor sperm available.

This is my big chance, I have hope that this will work. I might make a baby this year!!! OMG!