Well I am wishing time would hurry up!!  I want to get on with this round of IVF, I want it to have already been done, I want to have my BFP!!

Had my appointment with the IVF nurse last week and collected all of my medications. Also had my second acupuncture appointment – it is so NOT relaxing!! I have looked at a lot of research which included a trial that involved over 800 women which clearly shows that pregnancy using IVF is twice as likely to occur with acupuncture. It has to be worth a go. My guy recommends a few sessions for relaxation and then followed up with a session prior to EPU and 2 sessions on day of ET (before and after).

Went to an information session that my clinic holds for “first cyclers” and have now decided to transfer one embryo. Dr H had advised that he was fine with tranfering 2 but after a lot of consideration I believe that the improved odds of pregnancy is only slight, compared with the greater chances of something going wrong with a multiple pregnancy. I don’t think I could take the guilt, I want to give my-maybe-baby the best chance it can have. I have decided that if the IVF works for me I will (hopefully) have some frozen embryos, will also store some of the donor’s sperm and then I have the chance for a second baby later.

Today is Day 5 of using the Synarel spray – have had a dull headache on and off the whole time and feeling tired. I take my last pill tomorrow morning.

Trying to be positive.