I have picked myself up and am going to tackle this one step at a time. The tears have dried up for now.

First step – Trigger shot given! EPU in 38 hours. Nurse Judy told me I will be first in on Monday morning.

Hopefully the shot will ripen whatever I have there into a state of perfection. If fertilisation goes well the ET will be on Thursday. 

Had acupuncture and massage this morning.  Can’t say that I’m not giving it every chance – relax, relax, relax. I have started to warm up to my acupuncture guy, I found him a bit mysterious at first, he is one of those people who stares right into you when you are talking (like he knows what you are thinking). He says all of the right things – got me to smile today, and he has nice strong hands. He studied here as well as in China – seems to know what he is on about. We are going to do a session before and after transfer (all going well).

It is out of my hands….