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I tested again this morning and it is still negative. I am hoping, hoping, hoping that it is still too early. Is it too early?

The progesterone/Crinone gel continues to be a nightly joy. It has given me sore boobs and feelings of just being a bit down. 

I don’t want to get my hopes up – the waiting is the worst.


… it is too early BUT I couldn’t help myself.

I peed on a stick yesterday and today to see what was happening. Last night there was a very light positive line which I think is the remnants of the HCG injections. This afternoon it is negative – at 5 days post transfer it is too early to tell but now I have a baseline.  I will test every couple of days from here on to see what happens.

Will keep you posted.

Feeling good.

I had my transfer done today with before and after sessions of acupuncture. The embryo is 7-cells, which is great. My other one got stuck at 5-cells, it won’t be frozen which is disappointing.

Now the wait starts…

The scientist at the clinic just told me that my embryos are perfect. They are both 4-cells.

She said that they were the best of all of the embryos that she has.

Tranfer tomorrow morning.

I am so happy.


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Nurse Judy has just called me with the results. The ICSI has worked a charm. They have both fertilised and are doing what they should be at this point.

I am so relieved, again. Will call her back tomorrow for an update. 

Hang in there little embies!

TWO!! Two beautiful mature eggs!! Phew, I am so relieved.

Retrieval went well, felt very drowsy afterwards. Mum took me back to her house and fed me and then dropped me home. I will just take it easy now and keep eveything crossed that they both fertilise with the contribution of my Super-Donor.

Fertilise my little darlings….  Will get an update tomorrow.

Thanks for the kind comments this morning.


It is 06:00am on Monday morning here and I am 2 hours away from egg retrieval. My mother will be picking me up in the next 20 minutes. I am terrified that there will be nothing there…


Everytime I see Dr H or Nurse Judy I end up crying. I had my appointment this morning and went in thinking -“You will not cry. YOU will not cry. You will NOT cry. YOU WILL NOT CRY!!”.

Dr H was sick – got to see his colleague – Dr M, he was nice, but in a rush and not too keen to talk.

E2 = 1342 – this is pathetic – even less than last time (and on heaps more Puregon). WTF??

Left ovary – what ovary? He couldn’t really see it on the ultrasound. What he thought might be the ovary didn’t have any follicles. I’m hoping it was hiding somewhere and is loaded with a couple.

Right ovary – Two nice big follicles – 20 & 21mm.

I am disappointed. Dr M and Nurse Judy sat me down to ‘discuss’ my options. Mainly cancelling the cycle. No guarantees of eggs, fertilisation, blah blah. As far as I am concerned the only guarantee is that I won’t get pregnant if I don’t even try – they said fine. Egg pick up is scheduled for Monday – please, please, please be beautiful, fat little eggs in there.

Judy mentioned a Boost/Flare cycle if I need to go again. Will have to wait and see.

Trying not to spin out now.

I didn’t cry.

I had a blood test today (the one I demanded) to check that the E2 level is rising. After 5 days on 350iui of Puregon/Follistim my E2 level is only 396. This is just awful, I may not have any follicles or eggs. My clinic expected my level to be 3 or 4 times this. It is exactly what happened last cycle (at the same point I was at 355 but that was on 225iui). This massive dose has now been increased to 400iui – does anyone else take a dose like this? I don’t know how much E2 is supposed to increase each day on stims.

I have an ultrasound and another blood test in 2 days. I won’t be able to sleep or think about anything else until I know more. Now I am just terrified that there will be nothing to see at my scan on Friday.

Is my egg reserve so low that there is nothing left to stimulate?

Have I left it too late?

Three days into the mega-dose and really nothing to report. No symptoms – no headaches though – YAY!!

The increased physical volume of Puregon is noticeable – it does take longer to inject and it stings which it never has before.

I find that as I take each of the different medications that I start to ‘tune in’ to the various side-effects of them. Because I like to know everything about everything I read all of the pamphlets and consult my own texts about the drugs – I’m not sure if it a kind of reverse-placebo effect – I know there could be side-effects so then I start to imagine I am getting them … I am a little bit worried about how I will be feeling by the end of this.

Staying positive for now.