Life is rolling along.  I had my last BCP last Thursday and having been sniffing the Synarel for about a week now – the headaches are blinding, especially in the morning. These should improve when I start injecting next week.

My dose of Puregon has been set at 350iu which I am happy about. This should hopefully see some better results than last time. I want a good number of nice, big, fat mature eggs – not too much to ask for.

Have been trying to do all of the right things – been seeing acu-guy fortnightly, dieting – have lost 1.2kg this week, no alcohol, and have cut right back on caffeine (might be contributing to headaches) and will stop that when I start injecting. Have organised for about 10 days off work before, during and after EPU and ET. Will try to relax.

My mood swings from excited and hopeful to just plain worried.

I have been reading too many blogs – too many sad stories…. I want a happy ending.