I had a blood test today (the one I demanded) to check that the E2 level is rising. After 5 days on 350iui of Puregon/Follistim my E2 level is only 396. This is just awful, I may not have any follicles or eggs. My clinic expected my level to be 3 or 4 times this. It is exactly what happened last cycle (at the same point I was at 355 but that was on 225iui). This massive dose has now been increased to 400iui – does anyone else take a dose like this? I don’t know how much E2 is supposed to increase each day on stims.

I have an ultrasound and another blood test in 2 days. I won’t be able to sleep or think about anything else until I know more. Now I am just terrified that there will be nothing to see at my scan on Friday.

Is my egg reserve so low that there is nothing left to stimulate?

Have I left it too late?