Everytime I see Dr H or Nurse Judy I end up crying. I had my appointment this morning and went in thinking -“You will not cry. YOU will not cry. You will NOT cry. YOU WILL NOT CRY!!”.

Dr H was sick – got to see his colleague – Dr M, he was nice, but in a rush and not too keen to talk.

E2 = 1342 – this is pathetic – even less than last time (and on heaps more Puregon). WTF??

Left ovary – what ovary? He couldn’t really see it on the ultrasound. What he thought might be the ovary didn’t have any follicles. I’m hoping it was hiding somewhere and is loaded with a couple.

Right ovary – Two nice big follicles – 20 & 21mm.

I am disappointed. Dr M and Nurse Judy sat me down to ‘discuss’ my options. Mainly cancelling the cycle. No guarantees of eggs, fertilisation, blah blah. As far as I am concerned the only guarantee is that I won’t get pregnant if I don’t even try – they said fine. Egg pick up is scheduled for Monday – please, please, please be beautiful, fat little eggs in there.

Judy mentioned a Boost/Flare cycle if I need to go again. Will have to wait and see.

Trying not to spin out now.

I didn’t cry.