After much panic and nervous waiting I got the results of my second blood test – the results are FANTASTIC!

HCG = 5100 (has doubled in 2 days)

Progesterone = 43 (up from 10)

Spotting has stopped, I have started to breath again.

Thanks for the kind comments from all of my regular readers (I have had more support here than I have IRL).

The progesterone pessaries have obviously done the trick, I will continue to use them until I see Dr H for my first ultrasound on 28th May. Dr H will be my obstetrician as well.

Yesterday I went to see my acu-guy Michael, he was so pleased – hugs all around. He has prescribed me some herbs that he swears offer good support for pregnancy – “an gong gu tai fang” – it fortifies the foetus and is prescribed for threatened miscarriage or habitual miscarriage. Might go in for a relaxation session as well.

At this point I will do anything – stand on my head for 6 hours, whatever it takes.

Thanks again for the kind words and for the other 400 or so people that have looked at this blog in the last few days – say hello!! I put it out there to share and get the feedback – I would love to know who you are, what your thoughts are.