I am 6 weeks pregnant today and I am so grateful.

My life hovers between overjoyed and terrified. I so want this to be a wonderful pregnancy with a healthy baby at the end.

I am using the progesterone morning and night and so far no more spotting but the constant checking and worrying is becoming tiresome. I will be having another blood test on Friday which I hope will go some way to reassuring me that everything is going ok.

I have had the odd few moments of sickness (not really nausea, more like a lump in my throat) that I hope are pregnancy related. I also get this kind of feeling when I am really stressed or worried (which I am trying not to be).

Next Wednesday I will have my first appointment with Dr H that is pregnancy related rather than IVF. He will do a scan then, I think seeing the heartbeat will go along way to calming my fears as well. Due to my age (37 when the baby is born) I am assuming he will recommend extra testing. I really don’t know where I stand on amnio or CVS, if there was something terribly wrong I don’t know that I would have the emotional or financial resources to deal with it very well. I will see what he thinks and then make up my mind. What did others do?

In lighter news, I went bra-shopping today which proved to be awful. I am quite busty to start with, to say that my cups runneth over, is an understatement. They are so big and sore, the mind boggles about what is to become of my girls in the months to come.