And all is well.

After last weeks little scare I have organised a week off work, starting today. I am going to relax and take it easy, have naps and maybe spoil myself a bit.

I ate chicken on the weekend – first time in about 7 weeks that I have had any meat! The nausea is starting to subside (or maybe I am just used to it now).

I will be 12 weeks when I go back to work so will let them all know then – should be interesting. I have decided to be open that I have done IVF (if they ask) but nothing more than that. The few people I have told have been very supportive and understanding of why I have been so low at work lately. Once they know, they are really kind about not pushing me too hard at work.

I will have to buy some maternity pants this week as I am starting to feel very bloated and think that my tummy might pop out pretty soon. Luckily I wear scrubs at work so will only need to get a few casual things to get me through the pregnancy.

I am going to start a regular walk during this week off. I live in a nice suburb with lovely footpaths – the dog will be pleased. I think I am going to have to watch my diet too, eating mainly carbs is going to have to end or I will end up gigantic. Dr H wants me to do regular exercise which I have been very good at avoiding up until now due to the heat. I live in the tropics and find the heat revolting, but it is winter now (it doesn’t really get cold) and there is no excuse to not get moving.