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The amniocentesis was done yesterday and I have to admit it really wasn’t too bad. They did a comprehensive ultrasound before the procedure and the baby seems to have all of it’s bits in the right places which is reassuring. I took my mother with me to the appointment, we both enjoyed seeing the little hands and feet, but what we were really looking for (between the legs) remained elusive.

After the ultrasound they sent Mum from the room and got me ready for the amnio – administered some local anaesthetic and then the radiologist pushed in the (extremely) long needle. It was fine until it hit the uterus which seemed to be quite hard – he really gave it a good shove to get it through. He drew off 15mls of fluid which seemed to be a nice clear colour and that was it. It didn’t really hurt too much and I haven’t had anything weird happen since.

Now I just have to wait. It would have been so good to find out the gender. I have an appointment with Dr H next week for my monthly appointment and the preliminary results. It is all starting to become a lot more real. All going well at the appointment I will start some baby shopping next week. Pink or Blue?? I can’t wait to find out.


I have been really slack with my blogging lately – but I am still reading. Some of my pregnant bloggies have found out the genders of their babies which is just lovely. Others are still on their IF journey and don’t seem to be holding up so well. Others remain positive and hopeful. I send my good wishes and thoughts to all of them. It makes me appreciate how lucky I am to be able to say that I am now 15.5 weeks. I try to be a loyal reader (if not so good at always commenting) but some of the negativity gets to me and I don’t want to read in the blogs of others about “smug fertiles” and the horrors of seeing pregnant women around. Or, are pregnant women who have conceived by IF treatment OK, somehow acceptable??
Don’t get me wrong – I am no Pollyanna, I am not all sunshine and roses. I have lost a friend (a 20 year friendship) IRL because of my wishing to attempt IVF, the lack of support astounds me. I can truly understand the disappointment of failed attempts. I do understand the longing and the wanting for ones own child. I cannot understand the begruding of another womans desire to be a mother, or her success at becoming pregnant (regardless of the circumstances). 

I am happy in myself and generally well, but I have no energy and I feel tired most of the time. Work has become an issue as the sights and smells (in the operating room) are making the nausea worse. I have spoken to my boss and will be starting a new position in the Recovery area tomorrow.  It should be much better. I will be able to sit more and will not have to face most of the smells which seem to make me feel sick.

My amniocentesis is scheduled for Wednesday and I am anxious about that. Dr H wants me to take it easy so I will have Wed-Fri off work. I am terrified of a bad result but also excited that I will be able to find out the sex of the baby. I had a dream a few nights ago that they told me it was a girl – I woke up so happy.

Mum and I had a look at prams and cots today – so many to choose from – who would have thought? It is confusing trying to decide. I will not be buying anything until my amnio results are in. Please send me good vibes for Wednesday.

I have been MIA for a few weeks. Just tired, but all is well.

Had a check up today with Dr H which went beautifully. My mother came to the appointment and we got to see the baby waving its arms and kicking alot. I can’t feel it yet but it was amazing to see how active it is.

This picture is incredible – the baby is waving!! You can see it resting its head on the placenta. Dr H said it looks good and there is nothing to be concerned about there. It looks a bit freaky-weird to me – but I LOVE it!!

I have been booked in for the amniocentesis on 30 July. Not looking forward to it at all. I am still nervous about everything so I am hoping that this test will set my mind at ease. I can’t wait to find out the gender – calling it ‘it’ seems wrong.

This is the profile shot – head on the left, little leg on the right.