The amniocentesis was done yesterday and I have to admit it really wasn’t too bad. They did a comprehensive ultrasound before the procedure and the baby seems to have all of it’s bits in the right places which is reassuring. I took my mother with me to the appointment, we both enjoyed seeing the little hands and feet, but what we were really looking for (between the legs) remained elusive.

After the ultrasound they sent Mum from the room and got me ready for the amnio – administered some local anaesthetic and then the radiologist pushed in the (extremely) long needle. It was fine until it hit the uterus which seemed to be quite hard – he really gave it a good shove to get it through. He drew off 15mls of fluid which seemed to be a nice clear colour and that was it. It didn’t really hurt too much and I haven’t had anything weird happen since.

Now I just have to wait. It would have been so good to find out the gender. I have an appointment with Dr H next week for my monthly appointment and the preliminary results. It is all starting to become a lot more real. All going well at the appointment I will start some baby shopping next week. Pink or Blue?? I can’t wait to find out.