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I can hardly believe that I am half way through this pregnancy.  I have quite the little tummy going on now and it feels real. I felt her move yesterday for the first time (well, the first time that I recognised what it was). The morning sickness seems to have finally gone – I have been fine for a few weeks now. Continue to be tired but so happy it doesn’t really matter.

Have started buying bits and pieces for her – got a fantastic pram ( I can’t wait to push her around in it). Will probably try to get most of the stuff while I am still working as finances are going to be very tight after that. A few of the girls that I work with have offered to organise a baby shower for me (so nice) which will be lovely.

I like to make quilts for relaxation (not only am I soon to be a mummy, apparently I am a bit of a grandma!!) and have already almost finished my second one for the baby. Here is a picture of the first one.


These little cot quilts will be exceptionally handy (not) as she is due in the middle of our long, hot, sticky, tropical summer – 35C or 95F – we will live in airconditioning.

I have been incredibly lax with my blogging lately – I blame the preg-nesia, preg-mentia – I am getting dumber by the day. Will try to get organised and make more of an effort.

I am looking forward to my morpholgy scan next week, will post pics if I get one.


Preliminary results say that the baby is well. 

I am pleased to announce that I am having a little Girl. 

I could not be happier.