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And all is well…. Baby Girl is kicking and wriggling a lot. My sister is coming home after 18 months in Europe. Life is good.

I had my big ultrasound this Wednesday. Here are the pictures:

Still a bit like an alien, I already love her so much.

Here she is being shy….

I’ve been feeling quite well. A little tired, eating like a piglet (cannot seem to get enough in). I have quite the bump on me now – so looking and feeling pregnant.

I am thinking about names and buying all of the baby gear. I feel so much “safer” and can really enjoy this pregnancy – even the aches and pains, constipation and various other symptoms which I am not going to complain about. She will be worth every one of them.

As I said life is good…


PS: It is great to get some comments from new readers. Everyone is welcome.