I know, I know, it has been forvever. I still read blogs I just haven’t had any motivation to do my own.

All is well with me. I am big, fat and happy!! The baby is doing very well. I have finally finished work and am so glad about that. It was getting to be too much, I am good for a few hours of activity but not 8 hour shifts.

Since I last logged in I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes which was a real shock. It has not been controlled by diet so I now inject insulin 4 times a day. My obstetrician is having me managed by an endocrinologist – boy, is he tough!! My diet is much improved which is a good thing. Altogether I have put on about 10kgs since getting pregnant. The diabetes diet has reined in the free-for-all chocolate eating etc… My specialist has me under strict instructions to only put on about 1kg/month, with the way the baby is growing this is a weightloss off me, and a weightgain for baby. Hopefully the GD will all go away when the baby is born.

I am having regular scans again now to keep an eye on her growth. These babes are at risk of getting too big which can cause a heap of issues for mum and bub. Mine has grown from 43rd percentile at 22 weeks to 68th percentile at 32 weeks (this is actually only 4 days growth bigger than her age). They estimate baby’s weight at 2kgs at the time of the scan. Dr H is hinting around that a caesar might be in my future due to the baby’s weight gain (apparently they also carry it around their middles which can make it hard to get them out).

I will put in some photos to show my beautiful bump:


 Here it is at the beginning – 4 weeks.4-weeks-080508-21


Here it is at 32.5 weeks. Hard to imagine it can get much bigger…



I promise I will post MUCH more regularly.