This is the date that I am booked in to deliver my baby via caesarian section. I am a bit stunned at the moment.

After having another scan and a long discussion with Dr H we have decided that a section is the least risky option for my baby and myself. Baby girl is measuring as fairly average but she seems to have a big head!!! Because of the diabetes she is expected to grow a lot in the next 3 weeks.

My specialist for the diabetes is reasonably happy with my progess so far but he warns that it gets worse as the pregnancy progresses and I am to maintain my diet and insulin regime. I am now having to wake up at 1.30am for an extra shot of insulin – that makes a total of 5 times a day. Dr H thinks the dose is massive but this guy seems to think it is what I need. I feel fine – just very tired.

If I go into labour early I still have the option of a VB but I will make that decision if/when it happens. My mother and sister will be around to help out when I get out of hospital. As someone who has seen a few sections the operation itself does not really worry me, the recovery – well thats another story.