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Paige is 20 days old today and I can’t remember what life was like before her. Actually I can, that was when I could sleep, relax etc.

She is feeding well after initially losing weight (more than her allowed 10%), I was worried for a while but she seems to be doing well now. I will weigh her again tomorrow. Birth weight was 3280 gms, she dropped to a low 0f 2900 gms, but was back up to 3010 last week.

Breastfeeding is a bit of a nightmare. As I had a breast reduction done 7 years ago there was always some doubt about if I would be able to feed her or not. I was able to express some colostrum when she was in the hospital which was an excellent start. At day 4 my doctor (and the paediatrician) prescribed me some medication to help bring my milk on and had me expressing after every feed. This worked with some success.

I am also taking Fenugreek three times a day to enhance my milk supply. All of this combined with 3-hourly feeds, expressing and also topping her up on demand, I am exhausted. My poor nipples were so sore and damaged from all of this attention that I have now resorted to nipple shields (they have really saved the day) and I am able to feed her quite well, although I do wish there was a gauge on the boobs and the baby so I could know for sure if she is getting enough. I so hope she gains weight this week.

Paige has been a reasonably settled baby except for the last couple of days. I can’t leave her to cry and find myself picking her up all of the time. Once again, exhausting. At night she sleeps in my room – in a bassinet or a co-sleeper that I have next to me – I found this easier as the pain from the c/section really made it hard for me to get out of bed.

My weight seems to be coming off well. In all I gained 12 kgs (27 lbs)  during the pregnancy and have lost all of that except the last 3 kgs (6 lbs). This still leaves me with another 13 kgs to go – thanks IVF and comfort eating!! I will be taking Paige, the dog, and the pram out for walks soon, and will be joining Weightwatchers for the millionth time, I have to get fit and healthy for this little girl. I want to be a yummy mummy.

I find myself holding her in my arms and I almost can’t believe she is mine. She is sleeping now, I might take the opportunity to have a shower….


and I love, love, love her.

We are happy to be home from hospital. I am battered and bruised but Paige is fine. She is feeding well and sleeping.


She is super relaxed.



Her first bath at home today.

My darling daughter was born at 18:16 on January 6, 2009. She weighed 7lb 4.

She is perfect.


I will post more later.

oh!! my!! GOD!!!

And all is well. I am soooooooooo ready.

I am just waiting, waiting, waiting. I am not very good at waiting.

If she was a present under the Christmas tree, I would unwrap her for a look and then put her back before anyone found out. I am so impatient to meet her!!

I am bored. Baby girl is bored too, she doesn’t have much room to move.

We are waiting for Tuesday together.

I have spent the day clucking away in the nursery with my mother.  Here are some pictures.

These are removable wall stickers (good friend to the renter).




The mobile took longer to put together than the cot!!


All is still well, nothing new to post on the pregnancy front except that it is nearly over!! I am getting very excited.