My little chicky is 3 months old. And it is all still amazing. She holds her head up and smiles at me all the time. Her latest discovery is her hands! She holds onto me when I carry her and she rubs the fabric of her blankets and shirts between her perfect little fingers. Right now I can hear her in the next room ‘talking’ to her bear.

On the TTC front, I am now 99% sure I will be transferring my one little frozen emby in December. In the meantime I have to shift some weight in the hopes of not getting the diabetes back. I have joined WWatchers in an attempt to get motivated and shift it. I am not hugely overweight but in the interests of fitting back into my jeans (AND my health!!) I have to get moving. I would like to start TTC (and go back to work in July) smaller than I was before my BFP.

I live in a beautiful part of the world where it never gets cold! In fact it is too hot (for me) to excercise sometimes. Today I will be meeting up with a girlfriend to do a fast-walk around the river, it is 5 minutes drive from my house and really beautiful. At the end we are planning to swim at the local pools that are riverside. It will be Paige’s first swim. I might post some photos of it tomorrow.

Here is an updated picture of my darling.