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TWO!! Two beautiful mature eggs!! Phew, I am so relieved.

Retrieval went well, felt very drowsy afterwards. Mum took me back to her house and fed me and then dropped me home. I will just take it easy now and keep eveything crossed that they both fertilise with the contribution of my Super-Donor.

Fertilise my little darlings….  Will get an update tomorrow.

Thanks for the kind comments this morning.



It is 06:00am on Monday morning here and I am 2 hours away from egg retrieval. My mother will be picking me up in the next 20 minutes. I am terrified that there will be nothing there…


Well I don’t want to count my chickens before they are hatched, or my eggs before they are fertilised BUT the EPU was this morning and they collected 4. 4 from 4 is good. I feel a bit sore – will take it easy now.

Stay tuned – I will find out tomorrow if they are any good….