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I am 10 days past a Day 3 Transfer.

A lot has happened since my last post. I commenced the Progynova after the non-response/cancelled IVF in hopes of growing a thick enough lining to maybe do a FET.  A week later, miracle of all miracles my lining was thick enough.

The FET was booked to use my one and only frozen embryo. They thawed in on the Sunday afternoon with hopes of doing transfer on Monday. It was another long shot buy my dear little embryo thawed beautifully with no damage at all. 

On Monday 19 October the embryo was transferred (the scientist told me it had started compacting and was as good as an embryo can be!), I am now at Day 10 of the 2ww. I tested this morning a got a BFN – I am hoping it is just too early to tell, I waver between hope and sadness. I know that if I do not get a BFP that December will be my last chance of ever having another baby.

I really hope this miracle embryo sticks.


I am starting to get excited but still very nervous that maybe it is wrong.

I am still getting 2 lines on the pee-sticks and today I got up at the crack of dawn to be down at the lab for the blood test.

I will update when I know….

I did another HPT this morning (a different brand) and the line is so light it is just about not there. It is not getting darker – at all. I will have to wait until Wednesday for the blood test.

Well I got up at the crack of dawn so that I could pee on a stick BUT of course it was a faulty test and nothing showed up – not even the control line. My coordination left a lot to be desired as well – will stick to the dip in the cup tests from now on.

Have bought 2 different brands and this is what the first one did:


In real life the line is quite light – but it is there. I don’t know if I can trust it. No signs of AF either – normally I am Miss_Bitch_Alot by now, and having a big zit about to erupt – NOTHING!!!

It sure has got my hopes up. I am having the blood test on Wednesday.


I tested again this morning – well lets be honest, I tested last night and twice this morning – the results are still not clear.

If I stare at the test and hold it at the right angle (see what I mean about crazy), I think that I can see something. But maybe not. Last night it was all that I could think about – I have hardly slept.

Waiting, waiting, waiting….


… it is too early BUT I couldn’t help myself.

I peed on a stick yesterday and today to see what was happening. Last night there was a very light positive line which I think is the remnants of the HCG injections. This afternoon it is negative – at 5 days post transfer it is too early to tell but now I have a baseline.  I will test every couple of days from here on to see what happens.

Will keep you posted.