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And all is well. I am soooooooooo ready.

I am just waiting, waiting, waiting. I am not very good at waiting.

If she was a present under the Christmas tree, I would unwrap her for a look and then put her back before anyone found out. I am so impatient to meet her!!

I am bored. Baby girl is bored too, she doesn’t have much room to move.

We are waiting for Tuesday together.


I have spent the day clucking away in the nursery with my mother.  Here are some pictures.

These are removable wall stickers (good friend to the renter).




The mobile took longer to put together than the cot!!


All is still well, nothing new to post on the pregnancy front except that it is nearly over!! I am getting very excited.

As the end draws closer I thought I would update you all with a couple of pictures taken today. Here I am at exactly 38 weeks.


And this is the stupid grin I can’t wipe off my face…


Does it look huge? It feels huge…

My weight gain has been 11.5kg (25 lbs) which is OK I guess – the doctors are happy with it. Add on another 5kg (11lbs) courtesy of IVF treatments.

I will post the nursery tomorrow.

Had my last OB appointment today with Dr H at his rooms. The next time we meet will be at the hospital for the c/section. He is pleased with my progress, my fundus measures 38cm which is good, the baby is sitting up very high under my ribs – no where near engaging yet (he strongly doubts that this will change between now and the 6th), BP is unremarkable and diabetes is reasonably well controlled.

I am tired and uncomfortable – my hat goes off to the women who work up until this far. I am just waiting now. Waiting to meet my daughter. I think her name is Paige.

I will try to keep my self distracted this week, will organise to catch up with a few friends, have a beautician’s appointment for some waxing. Will have a few naps. Will pack my bag. Will just keep waiting.

I am ready.

And all is well. I feel good, I am getting excited.

I am not worried about the c/section anymore. Whatever will be will be.

Had an appointment with Dr H and he’s happy, so I’m happy. Blood sugars still aren’t fabulous but I am doing the best I can. I saw my little girls face on the screen today – so beautiful – I can’t wait to meet her.

Looking forward to Christmas, my sister arrives tomorrow, we will celebrate with our Mum (at my house) – all good.

Christmas in Northern Australia is ridiculously hot – we will swim, aircon and drink plenty (no wine for me – boo hoo).

Merry Christmas to everyone.

I am feeling a bit better about the whole c/section now that I have gotten used to the idea. My baby might have to go to special care for observations because of the diabetes and to be honest I am more worried about that.

Went to lunch with a couple of girlfriends today – nice to get out of the house but it is sooooo hot here at the moment. Summer in the tropics and final stages of pregnancy do not go well together.

Sleep is beginning to evade me and I don’t have alot of energy to do the many things that I have on my list. I spend most of my time in the the airconditioning, playing scrabble on Facebook and just fluffing around. It seems so bizarre to be counting down in days to when I meet my little girl.

This is the date that I am booked in to deliver my baby via caesarian section. I am a bit stunned at the moment.

After having another scan and a long discussion with Dr H we have decided that a section is the least risky option for my baby and myself. Baby girl is measuring as fairly average but she seems to have a big head!!! Because of the diabetes she is expected to grow a lot in the next 3 weeks.

My specialist for the diabetes is reasonably happy with my progess so far but he warns that it gets worse as the pregnancy progresses and I am to maintain my diet and insulin regime. I am now having to wake up at 1.30am for an extra shot of insulin – that makes a total of 5 times a day. Dr H thinks the dose is massive but this guy seems to think it is what I need. I feel fine – just very tired.

If I go into labour early I still have the option of a VB but I will make that decision if/when it happens. My mother and sister will be around to help out when I get out of hospital. As someone who has seen a few sections the operation itself does not really worry me, the recovery – well thats another story.

I know, I know, it has been forvever. I still read blogs I just haven’t had any motivation to do my own.

All is well with me. I am big, fat and happy!! The baby is doing very well. I have finally finished work and am so glad about that. It was getting to be too much, I am good for a few hours of activity but not 8 hour shifts.

Since I last logged in I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes which was a real shock. It has not been controlled by diet so I now inject insulin 4 times a day. My obstetrician is having me managed by an endocrinologist – boy, is he tough!! My diet is much improved which is a good thing. Altogether I have put on about 10kgs since getting pregnant. The diabetes diet has reined in the free-for-all chocolate eating etc… My specialist has me under strict instructions to only put on about 1kg/month, with the way the baby is growing this is a weightloss off me, and a weightgain for baby. Hopefully the GD will all go away when the baby is born.

I am having regular scans again now to keep an eye on her growth. These babes are at risk of getting too big which can cause a heap of issues for mum and bub. Mine has grown from 43rd percentile at 22 weeks to 68th percentile at 32 weeks (this is actually only 4 days growth bigger than her age). They estimate baby’s weight at 2kgs at the time of the scan. Dr H is hinting around that a caesar might be in my future due to the baby’s weight gain (apparently they also carry it around their middles which can make it hard to get them out).

I will put in some photos to show my beautiful bump:


 Here it is at the beginning – 4 weeks.4-weeks-080508-21


Here it is at 32.5 weeks. Hard to imagine it can get much bigger…



I promise I will post MUCH more regularly.

And all is well…. Baby Girl is kicking and wriggling a lot. My sister is coming home after 18 months in Europe. Life is good.

I had my big ultrasound this Wednesday. Here are the pictures:

Still a bit like an alien, I already love her so much.

Here she is being shy….

I’ve been feeling quite well. A little tired, eating like a piglet (cannot seem to get enough in). I have quite the bump on me now – so looking and feeling pregnant.

I am thinking about names and buying all of the baby gear. I feel so much “safer” and can really enjoy this pregnancy – even the aches and pains, constipation and various other symptoms which I am not going to complain about. She will be worth every one of them.

As I said life is good…


PS: It is great to get some comments from new readers. Everyone is welcome.

I can hardly believe that I am half way through this pregnancy.  I have quite the little tummy going on now and it feels real. I felt her move yesterday for the first time (well, the first time that I recognised what it was). The morning sickness seems to have finally gone – I have been fine for a few weeks now. Continue to be tired but so happy it doesn’t really matter.

Have started buying bits and pieces for her – got a fantastic pram ( I can’t wait to push her around in it). Will probably try to get most of the stuff while I am still working as finances are going to be very tight after that. A few of the girls that I work with have offered to organise a baby shower for me (so nice) which will be lovely.

I like to make quilts for relaxation (not only am I soon to be a mummy, apparently I am a bit of a grandma!!) and have already almost finished my second one for the baby. Here is a picture of the first one.


These little cot quilts will be exceptionally handy (not) as she is due in the middle of our long, hot, sticky, tropical summer – 35C or 95F – we will live in airconditioning.

I have been incredibly lax with my blogging lately – I blame the preg-nesia, preg-mentia – I am getting dumber by the day. Will try to get organised and make more of an effort.

I am looking forward to my morpholgy scan next week, will post pics if I get one.