It has been 18 days on the Synarel – hellish. The headaches come and go but the hot flushes are there daily – several times daily. I work in an operating theatre which is chilled to 18C and I still sweat. I get so hot that I think I’m going to faint. Only 4-5 more days to go.

I will have my 5th shot of Puregon tonight – dosage 225 IUI – God I hope it is enough!! Had a blood test last week for my estrogen level – it was 41, the Synarel has done the job. Apparently anything under 200 was a good thing. When I did my IUI – my E2 level was only 75 without the Synarel. Old, old, aging ovaries…..

Will be having a blood test in the morning (that I insisted on) to make sure that the Puregon is working. The IVF clinic wasn’t too worried but I insisted as I want to have enough time to increase the dose (if it isn’t raising the E2 fast enough).

On track for ultrasound on Friday, and hopefully, EPU and ET next week. The ever present worry is still with me. I pick over in my mind all of the steps that have to go right.

I am continuing with regular acupuncture and trying to stay positive. I even had a bikini wax in anticipation of next week, that’s kind of positive, isn’t it?? 😉